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Building companies to tackle systemic risks to people & planet

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Climate vulnerability
Health & wellness
Poverty traps
Digital dystopia

Unlocking huge protection gap value by making the uninsurable insurable

Systemic risks are impacting people, planet and the public purse

but the risk industry has not found ways to solve these huge protection gaps

This market failure is what we go after

We’re finding low-risk innovations that address high-risk problems. This lets us capture huge value pools, create scaled impact, and expand the overall insurance landscape.

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We create deep value pools in the protection gap

The global ventures we start, fund and underwrite tackle the systemic risks we can solve with insurance whilst delivering high commercial value. Here is an example in each of the 4 systemic risk categories that we focus on.

Climate vulnerability

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Plastic & waste
Biodiversity loss
Green energy transition
Natural ecosystem risks
Extreme weather
Damaged oceans
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Climate vulnerability

Biodiversity finance

An analytics and insurance model that solves a multi-€tn problem, making biodiversity investable.
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Health & wellness

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Clean water
Mental health
Ageing populations
Clinical supply chains
Healthcare access
Infectious disease


Healthcare access

Insurance powered healthcare for emerging middle classes.
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Poverty traps

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Food insecurity
Gender inequality
Employment regulation
Retirement & social care
Involuntary migration
Education access

Migrant accommodation

Public-private risk partnership to unlock the migrant accommodation crisis.
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Digital dystopia

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AI ethics
Cyber abuse
Technology addiction
Disinformation & fake news
Critical infrastructure failure
Breakdown of society


Underwriting truth

Using insurance to disincentivize dissemination of harmful lies.
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We have built foundations for success

We apply an innovative combination of corporate assets and powerful consortia along with our venture studio to create ventures that deliver significant commercial and societal impact.

Low risk solutions to high risk problems

Leveraging a decade's experience, our method expedites insurance solutions by simplifying innovation, reducing risk, and maximizing impact in high-innovation contexts.

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Access to the right entrepreneurs

Harnessing large-scale partnerships and a global expert network, we engage driven entrepreneurs and elite MBA talent to fuel high-impact ventures with immense potential.

Collaboration in groups

Global convening power

A deep C-suite network among insurers and an advisory board that attracts major non-insurer corporates. We also maintain strategic relationships with multilaterals like UNDP.

Convening the world's best thinkers from the risk, private and public sectors

By leveraging opportunities in insurance and risk innovation, the clout of corporates, the passion of NGOs, the force of governments, and the ingenuity of entrepreneurs, we can mitigate the systemic risks faced by humanity - together.

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Lead meaningful ventures with lower risk and a faster exit.

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Insurers & Corporates

Leverage assets and launch products in new or existing markets.

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Get real help tackling the greatest risks faced by humanity.

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Co-invest alongside us on meaningful, impactful ventures.

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Innovate with us and achieve your missions quicker.

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Get free emerging analysis and venture portfolio updates.

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Healthcare access
Migrant accommodation
End-of-life admin
Biodiversity finance

Opportunity scoping on our workbench in 2024

AI risk engineering
Inside-out cyber risk assessment
Modern slavery & trafficking
Gender-based violence
Mental health

Partners we have been working with on our ventures

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